What is a Heritage Volunteer?

Heritage Volunteers may be asked to help conserve or catalogue books, manuscripts, archives and maps, conserve or clean textiles or metalwork, or act as guides or stewards in museums, historic houses or gardens. Appropriate training is given by professionals. Volunteers help with conservation and preservation of our heritage in non-specialist but vital ways by caring for collections and recording documents.

We have a group of 6 ladies from Ballinger DFAS who guide at Chenies Manor, the home of Mrs Elizabeth MacLeod Matthews. Patricia Fay who founded NADFAS, held her inaugural committee meeting at Chenies in the 1960’s. One member helps another conservation group made up from a variety of NADFAS societies doing book cleaning and preservation at various Oxford College libraries.

Sadly we don’t have a Church Recording group but if an individual member was interested they could join a local group. NEL – NADFAS Enterprises Ltd.

Valerie & Lucy visit local societies (if requested) to sell NADFAS goods – i.e. diaries, Christmas cards etc.