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30 April 2020Shimmering splendor: silk in south east Asia’
28 May 2020‘Papers from Peking: Chinese wallpapers’
25 June 2020Portraits of the Maharanis
30 July 2020The Queen of Instruments: the lute within Old Master paintings

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Shimmering splendor: silk in south east Asia’ Denise Heywood Thursday 30 April 2020

This luxurious material is a miracle of nature. It was so valuable, that it became a source of currency. It embellishes all who wear it, human and divine. Here we learn of its sacred, as well as material, origins and protective powers, thorough ritual and symbolism.

 Denise Heywood is an art historian, author, photographer and journalist. She worked in Cambodia in the 1990s and has been a scholar of South East Asian art ever since. She lectures widely both at home, abroad and on cruise ships and has lead cultural tours for many organisations, including the Royal Academy.