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27 February 2020The Silk Road and the Arts of China
26 March 2020A Carpet Ride to Khiva
30 April 2020Shimmering splendor: silk in south east Asia’
28 May 2020‘Papers from Peking: Chinese wallpapers’
25 June 2020Portraits of the Maharanis
30 July 2020The Queen of Instruments: the lute within Old Master paintings

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The Silk Road and the Arts of China Susan Whitfield Thursday 27 February 2020

The opening of trade routes across Eurasia lead to movement of peoples and their cultures, arts, designs and materials and the  crafts persons to pass on those skills.  This lecture looks at several examples of masterpieces of art from the 1st millennium CE to illustrate the influences and enrichment of Chinese arts which resulted.


Susan Whitfield is a writer, scholar, lecturer and traveller of the Silk Roads. She spent 25 years at the British Library curating manuscript collections from many Silk Road sites, during which time she helped found and develop an international collaboration project on the arts and artefacts of the eastern Silk Road. She has lectured widely, written extensively, curated major exhibitions and also organised field trips to archaeological sites in the Taklamakan desert.