The Arts Society Ballinger is a local charity providing lectures, study days and visits relating to Fine and Decorative Arts and to the conservation of our national heritage.

Founded in 1998, we are one of more than 300 autonomous local societies spread across the United Kingdom and abroad; each local society an affiliate of the umbrella organisation, The Arts Society. TAS itself is also a charity founded to preserve and promote our national artistic heritage.

Our accredited speakers are drawn from a directory maintained by TAS, and are carefully selected and monitored. They are all experts in their own specialist field of the decorative and fine arts and never fail to interest and delight.

In addition to our monthly meetings we organise coach outings to historic houses, gardens, art galleries etc. We have a special relationship with Missenden Abbey and have discounted rates for study days. We support Heritage volunteers. We foster the interest of young people in Young Arts.

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